A Place for Local Making is a shared space for inspiring imaginative and caring ways of making and living together in our multispecies entanglement.

Visit us at 104 Courtenay Place, Wellington. COVID policy

Through making and thinking with materials at hand, and tuning into the more-than-human companions around us, we wish to grow new stories and ideas about how we could better relate with our material and ecological surroundings. Small, slow and simple is beautiful.

“In a climate of overflowing landfills and businesses striving for circularity, we see an opportunity for local and creative making which gives ‘waste’ new lives, while fostering convivial and resilient communities. We want to share the joy of playing and creating, make friends with like-minded people, and to grow public places in the city where anyone could imagine and plant new stories and values around how we want to live and care for our material and ecological surroundings, together.”

We host, co-produce, support and welcome activity proposals by others.