Saturday 24 June 2023, 10:30am – 1:30pm
EcoMatters Environment Trust, 1 Olympic Place, New Lynn, Auckland

Join visual artist, Xin Cheng, for a meditative workshop repurposing local organic material offcuts into versatile woollen felt. 

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Felt from wool is the oldest known textile, originates in central Asia, and has many traditional practical uses such as shelter, clothing and footwear.
It is a wonderful, sustainable, soft-yet-sturdy material, and is often used for crafting artworks, toys, festive decorations and handmade gifts.

In this workshop you will:

1. Deconstruct organic woollen mattress scraps  (thanks INNATURE!)

2. Learn the felt-making process

4. Brainstorm ideas with Xin and other participants for your own felt creation. (You may get started on your FELTastic creation, then finish at home).


  • an unpicking tool
  • plain soap
  • a container for soapy water such as a lunchbox or large yogurt container
  • a plastic vessel with lid such as a milk bottle or washing liquid bottle
  • plastic bags and bubblewrap
  • sponge or old handtowel
  • a wooden dowel

For more advanced felting (eg slippers):

  • bring a thick plastic or vinyl for resist, around A3 size
  • a bamboo mat or washing board

Xin and Adam’s upcoming Plastic Free July workshop on 29 July will feature an upcycled DIY Rodent-Resistant Wormfarm.
If you have a wormfarm or are keen to learn how to make one, consider crafting an inner wormery blanket from felt to keep your tiger worms cosy and protected.