Saturday 2nd April 2022 // 3:30pm – 6pm //

Led by Adam Ben-Dror & Lee Nicolson //

Join us for an afternoon of tinkering and hacking, repurposing and rewiring broken and disused electronics for future use.

Please register to attend. And feel free to email with any questions.

New Zealand has no way of processing its own e-waste. Current local e-waste recycling involves sorting and sending material overseas, where only a small percentage is actually extracted (through energy and resource intensive processes). The rest ends up as sludge in landfills.

What happens if we treat our e-waste as valuable components rather than material? What new and useful things could be made by Identifying and recombining functioning parts? Join Adam and Lee in an exploration of the possibilities.

Bring your own old electronics or work with some which we have gathered. No prior skills in electronics needed. All welcome!