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  • DIY Server Infrastructure

    DIY Server Infrastructure

    There is a popular perception that the internet or “the cloud” is somewhere “out there”, and not somewhere “here” that you can see, touch and experience with your own senses. Contrary to this view “the cloud” and the internet are not somewhere in the sky or in outer space. They are here on earth.

  • A simple method for finding out where in the world a website is being hosted

    A simple method for finding out where in the world a website is being hosted

    Instructions for running a “traceroute” to find out where in the world any website is being hosted.

  • Frugal repair of high quality thermos

    Frugal repair of high quality thermos

    This style of stainless steel thermos is commonly found in opshops around Aotearoa (New Zealand) with a broken plastic lid. This page documents the process of finding various ways to repair this valuable object.

  • new handles

    new handles

    Great examples of new/replacement handles, often improving upon the original, as seen in Hamburg, Solingen & Freiburg.

  • Freeboxes


    During my time living in Germany I have enjoyed coming across these ‘Freeboxes’ on my wanderings around the cities, where people leave things for others to take, often housed in handmade structures. Sometimes you also come across things on the sidewalk, with the note ‘Zu Verschenken’. – Xin

  • Sandwiching


    Useful technique for fixing things onto grills and fences, here seen used by professionals and non-professionals alike, at subway and shop entrances around Hamburg.

  • Circular seating

    Circular seating

    Outside an icecream kiosk in Berlin, seating made from a variety of salvaged wood pieces.

  • Sidewalk seating & gardens

    Sidewalk seating & gardens

    In certain neighbourhoods of Berlin, a local regulation (Baumscheibenpatenschaft) allows and encourages the modifications of the space immediately around the trees along the footpath by locals. Walking around, I found a variety of seating, made from pristine and salvaged materials, accompanied by different gardens.

  • Epiphytic berm garden

    Epiphytic berm garden

    Extraordinary example of a ‘tree-grate garden’, with epiphytic planters, a spirit house and various creatures in the gardenbed.

  • Hand-made bowling ground

    Hand-made bowling ground

    Along the Landwehrkanal in Neukölln, Berlin, one could encounter the personalities of the locals by walking: there is a bowling ground made with scrap wood, beer bottle caps as the washers, and tin cans as ashtrays. Although made by the association 1. Boule Club Kreuzberg e. V. , it is open to use by anyone,…

  • planters


    Great examples of reuse found at the community garden at Tempelhof Airfield in Berlin.

  • bike carriers

    bike carriers

    Various ways of increasing carrying capabilities of bicycles. See in Hamburg, Berlin, London. Core-flute with slots, tied to existing rack with zip ties. The inner-tube lashing enables several banana boxes full of grocery to be transported.

  • bikes as signage

    bikes as signage

    To get around city regulations on not cluttering streets with sandwich boards, bikes have been fitted and parked semi-permanently to advertise wine bars and neighbourly convivial gatherings. Here observed in Hamburg and Berlin.

  • sweatlodge in Basel

    sweatlodge in Basel

    By the river Rhein, beside a self-made skating ground, a sweatlodge with a wood-burning stove within. Made of various blankets, insulation material tied together, on a frame of wooden sticks. Pegs secure the ropes to the ground. Enter through a low opening on the side. Note the chimney visible on the left of the structure.

  • Joule Thief & a New Xmas Tradition

    Joule Thief & a New Xmas Tradition

    We have been getting ‘waste’ from the Sustainability Trust, and learning about the industrialised processes required to break them down into raw materials and ‘recycle’ them. For example, with old CFL light bulbs, the glass from the tubes is crushed and turned into insulation fibreglass for houses, the mercury is made into dental amalgam, the…

  • Repairing a Machete

    Repairing a Machete

    After fixing the roof, PK started to make a new handle for one of the machetes used by the volunteers. PK was so delft at this it was hard to take good photos. Using another machete, he carved a new handle out of fresh bamboo to the diameter of the metal part. Then some used…

  • Bamboo structures

    Bamboo structures

    In Northern Thailand, human-dwelling is an arrangement of the local forest We helped with building cob houses from local clay and elephant dung, and took shelter under roofs made from leaves. One week, PK, a local carpenter, came to repair the kitchen roof. How finely he could split freshly-cut bamboo into thin strips for fastening…

  • Variable Multihook

    Variable Multihook

    Coathanger-turned-multi-purpose hooks made by Jim from the shop ‘Odds and Ends’, Dunedin 2016

  • CDs updated

    CDs updated

  • Washers


    In an eco-village a stone’s throw from the most expensive apartments in Korea, many ways of insulating dwellings flourish. Fold-up plastic bags, bits of vinyl flooring are all used as washers for fixing bubble-wrap and similar sheets onto windows and walls. 

  • Bamboo Clamp

    Bamboo Clamp

  • Chandelier


    Composite light and mobile, made with a variety of found and made lampshades.

  • Mending


  • Radio improvements

    Radio improvements