Related Initiatives (Aotearoa)

Distributed Resource Centre (DRC)

Intercept Fabric Rescue, Whangarei

Anō Anō clothing rescue, Kaitaia

Xtreme Zero Waste, Whāingaroa (Raglan)

Rekindle, Ōtautahi (Christchurch)

Related Initiatives (International)

Vvaria, Rotterdam

Constant, Brussels
Association for arts and media

Resource recovery

Rotor Construction, Brussels
“They started as an architecture firm that researched a lot about material cycles and one of their projects was going into buildings that are about to be demolished and stripping them back in a reusable fashion. They became such experts in this that they eventually swarmed into another enterprise, called Rotor Deconstruction. It is now a huge warehouse where you can go in and find salvaged architectural materials—everything from furniture and lighting to tiles, doors, windows, sanitary fitting, all kinds of materials. You know when the original 70’s architects were designing every element of the building of the interiors as well—so you can find unique design pieces that are about to be demolished.”

Materials Mafia, Berlin
“Salvage materials for the arts, you can book an appointment to go and buy things very cheaply from them”

Haus der Materialisierung, Berlin
The House of Materialization is an association of various local initiatives and institutions that research, practice and work on the topics of sustainable management and climate-friendly use of resources.

Kunste-Stoffe, Berlin
Material store, saved materials from everywhere open to everyone. Neatly organized and categorized. Cargo bikes – hire them or learn to build your own (including learning to weld). A great carbon neutral alternative to the car. Repair cafe / Upcycling workshops including working with bike tyres, laptop bags etc from HDPE, Puppets from junk and electric thumb pianos.

Materials for the Arts, New York
“A warehouse in New York. They also have a nice educational department. You can go and get materials from exhibitions from the museums. It’s been there forever and is fully funded by the city.”

Taipei Open Green, Taipei
For the regeneration of people and things

Related Ideas

Ernesto Oroza & Technological disobedience, Cuba

Materials and Techniques

Ti Kouka/Cabbage Tree

Cabbage Tree Leaf brush, Finn McCahon-Jones

Cabbage Tree Sandals