Sat 30 April 2022 // 2pm – 4pm //

Led by Joanna Langford

After working at the Tip shop for many years and seeing the avalanche of stuff that we keep buying, using for a while and then sending to landfill, I wonder, what if we were resourceful with the things we already have? This has become my life question and area of interest, in my art practice and role as a Waste Minimisation Officer at WCC.

What if when we wanted new things, like clothes, tools or materials, instead of heading to the mall, we took the time to look around and see the potential in what we already have, what could we borrow, fix, adapt, reinvent or simply do without. What if we applied this mindset in our jobs and in our businesses?

In this talk we will look at the extent of our waste in Wellington City and some simple ways we can choose resourcefulness over wastefulness.

Download Joanna’s PDF slides here

This event is made possible thanks to funding from Wellington City Council